Mar 5, 2015

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The Basics Of Shopping Feed Management

If you have an online ecommerce site and are selling more than a few products you need to take advantage of shopping feed management systems. These services will ensure that your products get to shopping comparison engines and across your stores with a minimum of data entry and frustration.

For start-up ecommerce businesses and sites shopping feed management is a must to get your website positioned on the search engine rankings. This allows you to be found by the customers that are looking for the products that you sell.

If you have ever wondered why some products come up on a search engine with a URL and more information on the product including descriptions, price or even images of the product you are looking at a site that uses a shopping feed or product feed management system.

How to Use Shopping Feed Management Services

In its most basic sense shopping engine feed management starts with being able to immediately send information about your products to all major online shopping sites to boost your business.

Through the data feed management program you simply have to create your basic product descriptions, tags and categories and then the system syncs this information and sends it to the shopping comparison and marketing sites that you want.

In addition these services also allow you to import distributor information so that you always know what inventory is available, even if you are selling from multiple distributors and not your own inventory. This way customers are never left having to deal with buying a product that you were unaware was out of stock.

Beyond the Basics of Shopping Engine Feed Management

Another important part of product feed management is the ability to categorize your store so that searches bring up just what the customer is looking for based on the keywords that you specify. These will also correlate to what the shopping comparison engines are using, so you can maximize your marketing for those search engines.

Through synching your distributor inventory, maximizing your exposure across different shopping search engines and comparison shopping sites as well as effectively mapping and categorizing your store you will find that you really do see a change in the number of new customers to your store.

SmartFeed, Inc. further adds to what they offer even with their basic services. They provide you with the option to customize your feeds and even to add RSS feeds to ensure you customers know just the features, specials and promotions you are offering.

If you are new to shopping feed management SmartFeed, Inc is here to help. With year of experience in helping you to integrate shopping feed management options we can provide the tools you need. To learn more see us at.

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