Mar 16, 2016

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The Basics Of Large Format Printing In Chicago

The Basics Of Large Format Printing In Chicago

There is a growing need for large format printing in Chicago for businesses, events, sporting activities, schools and even in communities. As a basic definition, large format refers to any printing that is above the standard width and length supported by traditional types of printers, even the commercial printing machines that have a greater range of paper size as compared to smaller home printers.

In the past, large format printing was very costly and often required extensive lead times to allow the printers to be able to complete the project. With the options in equipment, software and technology today, this printing is easy for a top printing service to complete and requires only basic order processing time.

It is important to realize that quality large format printing does require the use of commercial printing presses. Different printing services may have limits on the size of the print job they can handle, which will need to be verified with the company if you are looking for large to oversized banners, signs or posters.

Marketing and Advertising

For a business with sales, promotions and marketing campaigns, for community events, sports events and any other places where people gather to find information, the use of banners, posters and even stickers is a great idea.

Banners and posters are the large displays, and by choosing a company offering a full range of large format printing options you can be as simple and elegant or as wild and creative as you want.

Stickers are slightly different in that they are smaller items, but they are printed on specialty paper which is most effectively handled by commercial printing presses. These stickers are fun and unique options to provide a personal message to customers, attendees or to generate interest in the marketing and advertising campaign.

Trade Show Displays

Those wonderful displays that form the backdrops, the side panels or the booth displays at trade shows are also a product of large format printing services. These types of signs and display items can be carefully crafted to highlight your company branding information as well as to promote specific products and services.

The key to keep in mind with large format printing in Chicago is that it provides you with versatile, larger than standard options for signage. It can also be used for marketing, information or to highlight a particular area, event or activity in a way that will work with your agency, organization or business budget.

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