Apr 21, 2015

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The Basics of Landscaping and the Benefits of Shrubbery

So the time has come to give your yard a makeover? If you are considering landscape contractors in the Rochester Hills, MI area, you can try to do the landscaping yourself, but taking the time to speak to reputable landscape contractors would be a smart move before you set about digging up your property. Plus if you run into trouble trying to design your new yard yourself, you might be relieved to find landscape contractors can provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and sound advice. To get you started, detailed below you’ll find plenty of great landscaping tips and some ideas for incorporating bushes into your next landscaping project – both of which to make the whole process a little easier.

Incorporating shrubbery into your landscape design is definitely a consideration worthy of your attention. Shrubs help to break away from your typical, plain lawn-focused yard, and give you texture and shape throughout the layout of your outdoor space as a whole. Shrubbery also provides privacy for your home and for your yard. If you want to plant shrubs in front of your windows, you can use them to provide shading from the street so you don’t always have to have your blinds down. Planting a row of shrubs along the perimeter of your property can provide you with an ideal outdoor sanctuary in which you and your family are free to enjoy everything the front and back yards have to offer.

Similarly, shrubs can be an effective shield from the things you don’t want to see, either within or outside of your home. For example, if you have a neighbor with a particularly unsightly lot, planting shrubs along the side of your property which you share with them can provide you with a beautiful green barrier, preventing you from seeing whatever unsightly mess might be on the other side of the property line. If you want to hide your trash cans, a compost heap, or some other part of your yard you are not too keen on, shrubs can provide the perfect shield without having to actually build a fence.

Another use for shrubs in your landscaping plans is to help you unify your space. Shrubs can help to create a cohesive scene, so your property is pleasant to look at and discernibly symmetrical. Incorporating shrubs into your landscape design can help to make your yard your own, while also providing the practical uses of tall plants to delineate spaces and create privacy and protection where you want it the most. The professionals found at are landscape contractors in Rochester Hills, MI who can answer any questions you may have as you delve deeper into the world of landscaping.

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