The Basics In Selecting A Filling Machine

Having the right equipment for any packaging line will be critical for efficiency as well as cost savings. Poor quality equipment, machines with high maintenance needs and frequent downtime or equipment that is not designed for a specific application will all cause problems in production and packaging systems.

One often overlooked component of the packaging line is the filling machine. There are many different models, options, and types out there so knowing what you want now as well as in the future will be essential in the final selection process.

Products to Package

It is important to choose a filling machine designed for the specific type of products that are to be packaged. Some equipment is designed to fill into bottles while other equipment will be used with bagging systems. Additionally, some equipment is set up to fill liquids while other filler may be used with dry materials.

Even within these categories, there are differences. The same filling machine for pharmaceutical companies packaging tablets and capsules may not be an appropriate option for a company selling flour, sugar or spices. The same is true for liquids as filling machines for thick syrups have to be designed differently than those that are used for carbonated beverages.


The production rate that is required for the equipment will be critical to consider when comparing different filling machine options. It is also important to ensure that if there is a plan to expand production or to increase the production rate, the new equipment considered will be designed to meet and exceed the faster speeds.

Often when it comes to speed, the size of the packaging and production operation is always a consideration. Very large operations typically work with the large systems while smaller companies may find cost savings in a moderate speed machine that will meet their needs now and in the immediate future.

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