May 24, 2014

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The Available Options for Book Bindery in Chicago

The lifespan of a book depends heavily on the type and strength of its binding. It is therefore important to make sure that you invest in a book that is bound in the right way and for maximum sturdiness. Here are a few of the most common options when it comes to book bindery in Chicago.

Hardcover binding

This is one of the most durable and firm types of book bindery in Chicago. Hardcover binding is achieved by making use of a hard exterior cover that is made of a tough cloth, leather or textured paper. The pages of the book are either sewn together or glued together by making use of adhesive strips. There is also the option of quarterly binding where the book is glued together in small sub-portions then gathered together by the hardcover. This makes a very reliable binding material.

Perfect binding

This is another reliable type of binding for books. In this method, the book block is fastened on to the cover using glue that is flexible. It is the most reliable way of covering soft books. The edges of the book are normally made rough to better absorb the glue. It is quite convenient for small volume books.

Tape binding

This is a method that uses strips of glue that are thermostatic to bind the pages in a book together. A strip of glue is normally wrapped around the book’s edge. The strip extends about half an inch into the surface of the front and back covers of the book. The tape is then thoroughly heated using a tape binding machine. When the book is cooled, it automatically gets bound together.

Sewn binding

The method is quite time consuming, but the result is amazing. The best thing about this method of book binding is that the whole book block gets sewn onto the cover using thread. Sewn binding books are a little bit similar to hard cover books except for the fact that they do not use hard covers and that the sewing process is relatively slower.

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