Apr 18, 2019

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The Advantages Of Using A Thermal Spray Coating

The Advantages Of Using A Thermal Spray Coating

There are many different options for industrial coatings to protect and enhance the performance, wear and tear resistance and the look of metal parts and components used in a variety of applications. Some options in coatings are better suited for different applications, with some also offering a very viable option for a wide range of materials.

Speed and Versatility

One of the most versatile options available is the use of a thermal spray coating process. This is a precision process that is effective for very thin coatings as well as for coating up to a few millimeters. In addition to providing a good range of coating depth to specific requirements, this is also a very fast process that can be completed on a large surface area at one time.

Wide Variety of Coating Materials

It is possible to choose from a wide variety of coating materials for the thermal spray coating process. This can include highly durable and resistant composites as well as metals, alloys, plastics, and even ceramics. The process involves using the coating material in a wire or a powder form that is heated to a liquid or semi-molten state. Using electrical arc discharge or combustion, the molten coating material is sprayed onto the surface.

As this process does not significantly add heat to the surface of the workpiece, there are limited restrictions for the use of this process. It can even be used to coat materials that are flammable and could not be coated by other methods. It is also possible to add multiple coats if needed without exposing the surface of the part or component to significant levels of direct heat.

The most effective use of thermal spray coating is in matching the specific process, the speed of the particles as they strike the surface and the type of coating material to the requirements for the application.

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