Jun 7, 2014

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The Advantages of Purchasing a 3 Axis CNC Machine

Having a 3 axis CNC machine allows businesses to manufacture items at a more efficient pace, which can boost the company’s profitability. These machines are normally used in the production of parts, since they are responsible for completing tasks like drilling a cutting. Putting one of these machines to work allows you to create precise components yourself, so you no longer have to outsource this part of production.

Wide Selection of Components

Perhaps the best reason to purchase a 3 axis CNC machine for your business is that they can create so many different things. Most shops or factories that use these devices fabricate various components with them. The high number of axis the machine has, the better the machine is at performing detailed tasks. For this reason, the 3 axis machine can outperform the 2.5 axis model, since all three axes can move at the same time. Whether you need to create parts for your shop or the tools that are needed to install them, a CNC machine can handle the job for you.

Software Control

You can constantly upgrade the software that is attached to your machine, which provides you with more control over the unit. As the software improves, your machine will work with higher precision. The machine operator will have to know how to program this software before operating it. The software, however, makes it much easier to use the machine, especially after it is updated. The newest machines now operate with touch screens, a user-friendly interface, and easy-to-use software controls, making them well worth the upgrade.

Safer to Use

In comparison to non-CNC machines, a 3 axis CNC machine is extremely safe to use. The cutting and drilling that these machines handle is completed in an enclosed area, so there is little chance of the user or a bystander being injured. The operator is never directly exposed to any of the tools that are doing the cutting, since the controls and software take care of the dangerous work. For this reason alone, many manufacturing shops are switching over to CNC machines, since it nearly eliminates the chance of the operator being injured on the job.

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