The Advantages of Lawn Sprinkler Installation in Silverdale WA

A large yard can take a significant amount of time to hand-water, particularly if fruits and veggies are being grown. Depending on a homeowner’s plant choices, the lawn may need twice-weekly watering during the summer. While Sprinkler Installation in Silverdale WA may seem expensive, there are several benefits to consider.

Weed and Disease Prevention

Specialized irrigation systems direct water to plants’ roots rather than bringing it in from above. This prevents weed seeds from germinating and it also prevents leaf-borne diseases. Because water doesn’t touch the visible parts of plants, diseases and weeds can’t proliferate.

Saving Time and Resources

As said earlier, it can take a long time to hand-water a yard. However, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems have presets that allow homeowners to spend more time on other tasks. If the system is working as it should, homeowners can save on their water bills as well.

Preserving Soil and its Nutrients

Watering with a hose may overly saturate the soil. As a result, nutrients are washed away and there’s less available to nourish plants. Lawn and garden plants may show signs of root rot or withering when soil is compacted and devoid of nutrients.

Safety and Aesthetics

There’s nothing good-looking about a hose stretched across the lawn. If the hose isn’t rolled up and put away after each watering, it can cause a trip hazard for pets and children. By comparison, a good Sprinkler Installation in Silverdale WA allows sprinkler heads to recede into the lawn when they’re finished. With a new sprinkler system, homeowners get a safer and more attractive option.

Optimal Watering

An advanced sprinkler system comes with soil moisture and rain sensors that offer the perfect amount of water when it’s just needed. With these features, a new sprinkler system skips scheduled waterings during the rainy season, thereby avoiding oversaturation and saving the homeowner money.

Greater Flexibility

If a homeowner has a busy schedule, they’ll appreciate the ability to work on the lawn while watering is ongoing. While one part of the lawn is watered, it’s easy to prune and plant in another section.

These are just some of the many benefits of sprinkler system installation. For more information or to schedule service, call today.

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