Dec 18, 2018

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The Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring In Phoenix Homes

The Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring In Phoenix Homes

Renovating an existing home in Phoenix or building your ideal custom home is a dream come true for many people. Choosing the right type of flooring does not have to be a challenge if a few basic considerations are kept in focus.

The team at Home Solutionz is often asked about the choice of hardwood flooring in a renovation or a home construction project. Unfortunately, many people still have old, outdated and no longer accurate ideas about how practical, versatile and durable hardwood can be.

To understand why hardwood flooring is such a good choice, here are a few of the advantages this flooring option offers over carpet, tile or laminate flooring choices.

Rich Look of Wood

There are many different shades, colors, tones, and options in today’s hardwood choices for floors. Classic colors tend to be the oak colors which are brown to chestnut or slightly red. Darker reds and browns include the mahogany tones, but there is also a great selection of lighter colors including pine, pecan, hardwood, and hickory.

In more exotic or unusual options, look for bamboo, eucalyptus, Brazilian cherry and Tigerwood. Different stains can be used to bring out different colors or to enhance the grain of the wood.

Adding Value

One of the important considerations in any type of home construction or renovation is the value-adding potential of a particular choice in materials. Choosing hardwood flooring adds value immediately, and it is a top option if there is a possibility you may plan to sell the home in the near or distant future.

Keep in mind, with hardwood floors the area rugs can be used to create areas of color and design on the floor. This makes it a very versatile choice that is a classic option in any style and design of Phoenix home.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring for your Phoenix home, talk to the experts at Home Solutionz. More information can also be found online at

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