Jan 6, 2014

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The Advantages of Asphalt Over Concrete for Driveways in East Lyme, CT

The driveway is one of your most important curb appeal assets in East Lyme, CT. Thus, the choice of material for your new driveway is a critical decision. There are many advantages to choosing asphalt for your driveway instead of concrete. These distinct advantages should be considered when you plan on your new driveway.

One of the big advantages to asphalt in East Lyme, CT is the ability to handle the weather changes in Connecticut. Weather changes are often one of the major reasons for damages to driveways. Asphalt can often handle the contraction and expansion that happens as a result of the temperature changes. Concrete often has issues with very cold weather and it cracks under extreme temperature changes. Any deicing methods you use can also damage concrete whereas they won’t have that much effect on asphalt.

Another advantage to asphalt in East Lyme, CT is their ability to adapt to changes in the soil conditions. There is some movement and flexibility in asphalt which helps prevent cracking. While weather conditions can change the soil conditions, other things can contribute to changes as well. Things like leaving the sprinklers on too long or a busted water main may change the conditions of the soil enough to crack concrete.

The cost of the asphalt in East Lyme, CT is a big advantage over concrete. Unlike concrete driveways, asphalt can be recycled in order to keep costs down. Asphalt is usually recycled from old parking lots that need to be demolished. Installation of asphalt is also easier and requires less time and labor. All of these things help keep the costs of a new asphalt driveway down.

Concrete is no longer the standard choice for driveways. Asphalt has many advantages over concrete that make it more appealing to homeowners. It is better able to resist the weather. This means that it doesn’t crack over the harsh conditions found in Connecticut. It also can handle some of the changes that can occur with the soil supporting it. This makes it look good longer. Finally, it is a lower cost material than concrete. This makes it a choice to consider for a new driveway.

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