Aug 23, 2017

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The Advantages Of A Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

For any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designing electronic equipment including phones, tablets, computers, compact machines and other similar systems, the compact size and top performance lithium ion batteries make them an ideal choice as a power source. These packs, which contain a specific number of lithium batteries and an easy to use connector, are essential in most of the small to mid-sized battery powered devices.

To make installation, replacement and management of the batteries easier for end consumers, as well as to cut down on manufacturing costs of the device, more and more OEMs are turning to custom lithium ion battery pack options. These can be designed based on the power needs of the device and, with the custom design, they can also eliminate the use of generic or non-branded types of replacement lithium ion batteries that are readily available on the market.

Energy Density

It will be important to consider the custom lithium ion battery pack with regards to energy density. This is the amount of energy the battery pack will be able to provide for its size. Ideally, in most electronics, the key is to find the highest possible energy density for longer operation between charging.

No Need to Charge

One important marketing advantage in choosing a custom lithium ion battery pack is the ability of the batteries to be used immediately when the customer receives the product or device. There is no need to charge for 24 hours or until fully charged and there is also no need to completely deplete the batteries between charges.

Current Levels

Depending on the type of device in use, the current level of the lithium ion battery pack can vary greatly. Typically, larger devices and equipment running off of batteries will require a higher current level than something with a low power demand such as a cell phone or other types of handheld devices.

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