The Advantages In Choosing Tin Wine Capsules

Every component of a bottle of wine or a bottle of spirits sends a message to the consumer. The colors selected for the label, the font choice, the images or logo of the winery or distillery as well as the subtle additional features on the bottle.

In addition to the bottle shape, which is a central part of any branding, the choice of tin wine capsules over PVC/PET (G) or polylaminate capsules sends a distinctive message. This not just the aesthetics of the wine capsule, but also in the feel when removing the capsule.

The use of the tin wine capsules, as opposed to the close approximations or look-alike products, is essential for top of the line wines and wineries. The tight fit, the feel and the rich look of embossing and artwork on these capsules make a distinctive impression of luxury, quality and impeccable taste.

Options for Designs

With tin wine capsules, there are very limited restrictions on what can and cannot be added to the design. Some wineries may choose a subtle and understated option, with a solid background color and a classic font with the name of the wine or the winery.

Often the top of the tin capsule is embossed with the coat of arms, seal or logo of the winery. The feel of the embossed design is distinctive and classic and brings to mind finely crafted and exclusive wines.

Additionally, it is possible to add borders and screen printing or painting to the capsule. In keeping with the theme of luxury, these are often more subdued and rich colors such as ruby red, emerald green, white, black or royal blue or purple. Font colors can range from gold and silver to white or black, creating a distinctive branding which will stand out in the consumer’s mind.

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