Mar 14, 2014

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The Accident Attorneys in Biloxi Will Be Aggressive Fighters for Your Interests

An auto accident is cause for contacting an attorney immediately. Possible evidence helpful to you in recovering your lost wages, medical bills, and money for pain and suffering may be lost. An attorney may want to visit the accident scene, and interview the EMS crew. Looking at the other vehicle will be important.

Often, the other vehicle holds clues about the cause of the accident such as bald tires and bad brakes. The overall condition of the car is an indication of the maintenance the car has had. Sometimes, empty beer cans will be found which is an indication of the driver’s carelessness behind the wheel. One of the Accident Attorneys in Biloxi can begin an investigation which will include talking with the investigating officer.

One of the attorneys will be an Auto Accident Attorney in Biloxi, MS, and he will be very familiar with the evidence needed to start you on the road to financial recovery. He will study the medical records beginning with the records made by the EMS crew and the ER staff. He will follow your recovery in the hospital and at home so he can determine the full extent of your injuries and your pain and suffering.

The Accident Attorneys in Biloxi may ask an independent expert to provide an opinion on your injuries and the prognosis for your recovery. This opinion can be very helpful in settling the case.

The attorney will get your car replaced, and he will get an income started so your family will have some degree of financial support. This is a tough time for your family. They must worry about what will happen to them. All kinds of worries pop up in their minds. The attorney can be very effective in assuring them they will be restored to financial security.

This is the step the attorney will take next. He will prepare a detailed and properly documented settlement agreement for presentation to the insurance carrier for the person who is responsible for the accident. If the proposal is accepted or modified in a way acceptable to you, then the case is closed and you are restored to financial health. If the settlement agreement is not accepted, then the case will go to trial, your attorney will be an aggressive fighter for your rights and your just compensation.

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