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According to WebMD, 33 states have legalized medical or recreational marijuana and another 13 states allow restricted use only. For people concerned about the potency of the herbs they are using or providing, the weed test kit can be the answer.

Why Testing for Potency Matters

Testing is for safety and peace of mind. If you are an edible maker, grower, or caretaker, then knowing the potency can have economic and effective impact. Different weed test kits measure the strength of your infusion, flower, concentrates, or tinctures. The tCheck 2 tests:


• Infused coconut oil & MCT

• Infused extra virgin olive oil

• Infused alcohol tinctures

This weed test kit provides:

• Accurate home potency testing results

• Results in under a minute

• Ease of operation

• Logs of all tests performed

Other Kits to Choose

The tCheck 2 is only one of the family of testing kits available. The other kits available include:

• Potency Testing Plus Package — testing any cannabis product

• Complete Cannabis Kitchen — everything the professional needs to confirm proper potency every time

• Cannabis Professional — test the cannabinoid content of whole buds

Details about each kit is available online.


Accessories are available to expand and assist you with your testing, such as:

• Expansion kit

• Expansion kit with no reagent

• And more

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