Oct 8, 2013

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Termites in Irvine Can Do Serious and Expensive Damage to a Home

Termites are the hidden enemy in the army of pests. The homeowner doesn’t always recognize the damage that termites can do until too much damage has been done. Termites can get into furniture and make their tunnels while causing serious damage to the furniture in many infestations. They will attack the wooden floor supports in the basement and just about any other place including drywall. If the homeowner sees signs of termite infestation, then it is time to call the termite management company.

The signs to look for are:

Dirt tunnels on the outside of the house coming from dirt to the point where the foundation meets the floor line.

*  Small saw dust pieces where there shouldn’t be any sawdust.

Check wooden furniture by tapping on any small hole you find, and see if small bits of fecal matter fall out.

Some termites live within walls where they have built colonies in the wood structure behind the dry wall. When they live there, they will create small holes through which they shove their fecal pellets out. They will form a small pile on the floor.

Termite damage can cause a floor to look swollen, and they can cause swollen ceilings and buckling floor boards.

Sweep up any fecal matter and dispose of it. If more appears later, then there is no doubt about an infestation.

Look for winged termites flying around a specific area. If possible, catch one or two in a glass jar and take it down to the local termite control company for an assessment of the insect.

The companies that control Termites in Irvine can tell the homeowner immediately if the winged creatures are going to damage the house. If they are termites, then the homeowner has no idea how much damage the termites can do in a relatively short period of time.

If the jar contains termites or if the homeowner even suspects that termites are working on the wood in the house, then the homeowner needs to have a termite inspection by a Termites in Irvine company that is licensed to exterminate termites. Socalexterminators.com has pictures that will help the homeowner evaluate the presence of termites.



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