Jun 10, 2015

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Tenax Polishing Powder Will Make Your Granite Shine

Granite is one of those beautiful stones that can benefit from the use of Tenax Polishing Powder. The igneous rock, which is formed from magnum, is an extremely dense material and not hard and brittle. The stone stands up well in areas that see a great deal of foot traffic.

As a result, the stone material is often used for walkways and for floors in commercial and office settings. Of all polished stones, granite is the “diamond” with respect to hardness and therefore is well acclimated to high-stress environments. The stone is also resistant to most kinds of substances, with the exception of oil. Used for bar tops and counters, the stone looks fabulous when it is polished with a product like Tenax Polishing Powder.

Tenax Granite Polishing Powder

Any stone like granite deserves premium care. That is why Tenax Granite Polishing Powder is such a popular product. Not only are granite counters and floors a preferred choice with respect to durability, they are sought after for their aesthetic qualities too. Tenax Polishing Powder only enhances the remarkable shine that can be emitted by the stone material.

Besides polishing powder, it is also important to use sealers on granite in order to prevent stains. You can test whether or not a countertop needs to be sealed by testing the granite with a paper towel. Soak a plain paper towel (no printing) in water and place it on the granite surface for about five minutes. If the towel turns dark or discolored, then the granite will need to be sealed to prevent the formation of water-based stains or spills.

Making the Best Use of Tenax Polishing Powder

To make the best use of a polishing powder, you will also want to test the granite with a solvent test. Such a test allows you to find out if a stain made by an oil could damage the stone. In order to perform this test, dab a bit of paint thinner on the granite for about 5 minutes before removing the solvent. If the thinner does not darken the granite, you do not have to worry about spilling any oil on the surface – all that will make the stone gleam just that much more.

Besides polishing the stone with Tenax Granite Polishing Powder then, you also need to test whether the granite for your counter needs to be regularly sealed. If the paper towel does not darken from water or the counter does not become discolored from oil, then you can forego sealing the stone.

All you will need to do is to keep the surface polished with products like Tenax Polishing Powder – a product that is touted on such sites on the web as MB Stone Pro. Besides polishing powders, oil and stain removers and heavy-duty cleaners can be used for degreasing or cleaning counters if they need to be sealed.

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