Apr 25, 2013

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Tenant Finishes in Denver CO are the Way to Get the Space you Need

Leasing business or industrial space can be time-consuming and complex, but following these lease tips can simplify the process. Whether your company is growing or relocating, renting space is one of your biggest overhead costs. The space you rent needs to fit your business, and the lease you sign needs to clearly outline costs. Consider these tips when looking for your next office space.

Don’t Pay for Space You Don’t Need

Renting a too-big office can cost thousands, but not leasing enough space can also be a problem. Get a better idea of your needs by hiring a Tenant Finishes Denver CO company to inventory the space and to identify your growth needs both now and in the future.

Don’ Search too far Away

The main factors you need to consider are the office’s proximity to your current employees and your future worker base. Try to find space near a major thoroughfare and away from construction zones. Do you need a specific mailing address, or keep your phone number? Location issues are some of the most important considerations you’ll make, so choose carefully.

Think of the Image you want to Project

The image you offer to your employees and clients is another important consideration when choosing office space. Would you rather have a multi-story building with a common lobby, or would you rather have a more flexible space with a dedicated entrance? A traditional office will rent space on an RSF (rentable square foot) basis; the common areas will be factored into the usable square footage you pay for. If you rent space in a flex building you won’t have to share your access or lobby with anyone, and that you’ll need to hire quality Tenant Finishes in Denver CO to outfit your office restrooms and other areas.

There are a lot of things to consider when your business is relocating or expanding. The amount of space you’ll need (and where it’s located) are some of the most important factors in your decision, but there are other things you’ll need to think about as well. Choosing carefully means that you’ll have a better chance of ending up in an office space that’s perfect for your business.

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