Oct 28, 2014

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Ten Things To Do In and Around West Chelsea

Chelsea has become a hot spot to live in New York. West Chelsea has become the art center of the city with over 100 art galleries providing the impetus for further development of the area. As a result, finding stylish condos for sale in West Chelsea can be a challenge. Yet, it is one well worth the bother.

What to Do in and Around West Chelsea

Whether you live in a condo or a townhouse, there are certain things you need to do; places you must visit in Chelsea. The list of attractions is extensive so we have narrowed it down to a few. You should be able to fit these in even if you are only visiting this New York neighborhood.

1. The High Line: Recently completed, this large, elevated park has set created a model other cities want to follow. Walk and admire the wildflowers or simply stare down and enjoy the view of the Hudson River, West Chelsea and more

2. Chelsea Historic District: Take the time to view how Chelsea once looked. Take in the rows of handsome townhouses. In particular walk by the Cushman Row – seven townhouses built in 1839 to 1840

3. General Theological Seminary: Dating from 1817, this campus works in affiliation with the Episcopal Church. If nothing else, wander through the peaceful gardens.

4. Rubin Art Museum: If you are interested in or want to learn about Himalayan art make time to visit this small, delightful museum.

5. West Chelsea Art Gallery District: Here you can wander through hundreds of galleries seeing some of the best contemporary artists on display.

6. Chelsea Market:  A natural meeting point for foodies from everywhere.

7. Chelsea Flower Market: Whatever type or amount of flowers you need, you will find it here.

8. Chelsea Hotel: This high class hotel still retains much of the glamor of its past.

9. Chelsea Piers: Once the place everyone went down to view the arrival of the most luxurious ships and liners, it is now home to a 200,000 square foot major recreational facility with both sports and other forms of entertainment on tap daily. You can take part in everything from bowling to hockey to swimming.

10.  Barneys Co-op: There are more luxurious items on Fifth  Avenue, but Barneys is a landmark store in Chelsea.

Living in West Chelsea

With increased interest in Chelsea, purchasing one of the condos for sale in West Chelsea makes good business sense. You may choose to live in it or arrange to rent it to someone who will really appreciate living in this vibrant part of New York City.


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