Feb 14, 2014

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Tell Tale Signs that Your Unit Needs Central Air Service in Richmond, VA

In most cases it is not difficult to tell that you need Central Air Service in Richmond, VA. Some of the telltale signs that you need service are obvious while others may be more subtle. Understanding the warning signs will help you to get the professional service that you need before the issue gets out of hand. Some of the signs are highlighted here.

The Unit is Not Producing Air that is as Cold as it Used to Be

At some point in the life of your central air system, you may discover that the unit is no longer cooling as well as it used to. If the air that is coming from your vents is not very cold, even when the unit is turned on full blast, it may be a sign that a replacement unit is necessary.

Insufficient Air Flow

If you have noticed that there is weak or not air flowing through the AC vents in your home, it may be a sign that your unit’s compressor is failing. If you notice that there are some areas in your home that are getting cool and others are not, then the actual issue may lie with your duct work, rather than your actual AC unit.

Problems with the Thermostat

There are some situations where you will need Central Air Service in Richmond, VA, but the issues will not actually lie with the unit, but rather with the actual thermostat. A way that you can tell that this is the issue is if there is one part of your home that is extremely cold and another that maintains a constant temperature.

Presence of Moisture in Inappropriate Areas

If there are signs of leakage or moisture near or around your system, this may be the sign of an issue. Water pools near your unit may be a sign that the drain tube, which is responsible for disposing of condensation from the air conditioner is either blocked or broken.

If you notice any of these signs or issues, you should call on the services of Affordable Home Appliance Repair right away before the problem becomes worse.

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