May 6, 2013

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Teeth Whitening in Cologne and Other Cosmetic Services

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures that dental patients request. Teeth Whitening Cologne can be done at a family or general dental clinic, and the procedure for whitening is non-invasive and conveniently quick. Teeth Whitening Cologne services are used for various reasons. Some patients may want to whiten their teeth after years of smoking. Other patients wish to even out the color on their teeth after they have orthodontic braces removed. Teeth can be whitened a few shades or several shades; it depends on the patient’s requests, what services and methods a dentist provides and which option he or she recommends for that particular patient.

There are methods in which individuals can whiten their teeth using store bought products, but these products do not compare to long term, professional quality results that a Family Dentist in Cologne can provide. Most dentists use a gel to whiten teeth, and the gel is typically kept in place by comfortable plastic trays. In many cases, the plastic trays are molded specifically to fit a patient’s mouth. This provides added comfort for the patient. To lighten teeth a considerable amount, a dentist may recommend that his patients visit more than once. Hydrogen peroxide is one bleaching agent used to lighten teeth. Though it is safe to use when professional administered, using too much at once can cause tooth sensitivity. Many dentists will space out the teeth whitening procedures for this reason.

Some dentists may provide the option of at home Teeth Whitening Cologne kits for their patients. These kits are custom designed for each patient. The patient will receive plastic molds, a special whitening agent, administering tools and instructions to follow. Teenagers and adults can typically choose this method or use it as a form of aftercare to keep their teeth looking bright and white at all times. Not all dental clinics provide these kits.

Teeth whitening and other cosmetic services are extremely popular in the world of dentistry right now. It has never been easier for patients to get the beautiful smile that they have always dreamed of having.




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