Feb 1, 2014

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Teaching your Kid to Ride a Bike

So many of us have fond yet clumsy memories of the time we tried to learn how to ride a bike and we look back them with a smile. We might remember our dad running behind us, thinking he was holding the saddle and yet all the time we were riding the bike ourselves. Or we might remember our mom jogging alongside, telling us not to worry and she would catch us if we fell. Other’s might just remember teaching themselves to ride and feeling really proud that they did it. Whatever memories we have of riding a bike we might also feel the need to teach our kids to do the same. There are steps that can help you to get your kid on two wheels quickly and if you follow those steps you can be taking your kid on bike rides in the park in no time.

Steps to Help

Firstly, make sure that you buy a bike that is the right size for your child. You can buy toddler helmets for younger kids. The best way to do this is to measure their inside leg, so that when they sit on the saddle they can put at least one foot down flat on the ground. It is not necessary to put both feet down because generally we use one foot for kicking off, but we do need one foot down for balance. Secondly, get some training wheels and fit them to the back wheel, securing them tightly. You don’t have to fit them exactly so they are both on the ground—sometimes it is better to angle them as ballast so that if the bike tips they cushion the fall, rather than balance the bike as the rider is on it. You want to your kid to learn to balance the bike themselves, so having the wheels touching the ground doesn’t aid in this process.

Thirdly, once the child has become accustomed to the angled training wheels and can balance the bike well enough, remove one of the training wheels, but leave the other in place. Take your child out for rides so that they can get used to that too and practice. Finally, remove the other training wheel and jog alongside your kid until they get the hang of riding solo.

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