Tasks to Entrust to Your Lawyer for Veterans Disability in South Portland

Filing for disability payments from the military is markedly different from applying for civilian benefits. The process can be more intensive and in-depth because of having to prove one’s rank, income and physical capacity for work.

Further, the funds for paying out benefits like these can be more limited, forcing applicants to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are genuinely disabled. You can present a solid case and perhaps better your chances of being approved for payments by hiring an experienced lawyer for veterans disability in South Portland to represent you.

Filing a Timely Claim

Your attorney can file a timely claim with the military court to start your case for disability payments. The court requires that the paperwork be filed promptly so that a court date can be scheduled. The court cannot get you on the docket until all of the paperwork for your case is filed.

Submitting Proof

Your attorney can also submit proof that the judge will need to discern your argument of being disabled. He or she can file medical records, eyewitness statements, letters from doctors and nurses, prescription medication forms and other documents to show that you suffer from a qualifying health condition and receive continued treatment for it.

You can learn more about hiring a lawyer for veterans disability in South Portland online. Reach out to the law firm of Jackson & MacNichol for more details.

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