Taking the Necessary Precautions After You Undergo Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a vital procedure that can correct the shape and level of your eyelid. It can improve your eye’s appearance after an accident. It can also help you see better.

After you undergo this operation, however, it can be vital that you follow the post-operative instructions that the best eyelid surgeon in Chicago will give you. These after-surgery tips allow you to heal completely without doing any more damage to this part of your face, allowing you to regain your vision completely.

Using Moisturizer

The best eyelid surgeon in Chicago will warn you that the skin around your eyes and eyelids will feel itchy and tight for the first few days of your recovery. These sensations are entirely normal. They indicate that your skin is healing well and that your stitches are dissolving.

Still, the itching and tightness can be distracting and even distressing. You may feel tempted to scratch or rub your eyelids. However, doing so will remove the stitches and cause bleeding.

Instead, your surgeon will advise you to use a mild moisturizer on your eyelids. Baby oil or petroleum jelly can relieve these symptoms. They also will help your skin heal faster.

Using Sunscreen

As your incisions heal, your face will grow new skin on and around the eyelids. This new skin will be sensitive to the sunlight. It could easily burn if you go outside without wearing any sunscreen.

For the first few weeks after your surgery, you will be advised to wear a high SPF sunscreen. It will prevent your new skin from burning. It also will stop damage to the tender and damaged skin on your eyelids right after the surgery.

You can find out more about healing from eyelid surgery online. Contact Adam J. Cohen, MD at to schedule your free consultation with the eyelid plastic surgeon today.

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