Jan 22, 2016

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Taking Care of Your Crawl Space

Taking Care of Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are not known for being the most luxurious of spaces in your home. Usually, crawl spaces are often thought about without a second chance and they can be seriously underestimated when it comes to the potential damages lurking around or in your crawlspace. Moisture can be the number one threat to structural fixtures around or in your crawlspace, and once these structures become damaged by moisture, it is very difficult and costly to start repairing the damage. Consider a crawl space repair service in Salisbury, NC, for all of your crawl space needs.

Why Worry About a Crawl Space?

It seems like basements are just supposed to smell moldy and damp, but just because the majority of them have those features, doesn’t mean that your basement should. A damp, moisture filled basement can lead to all sorts of structural damages such as mold, and rotting. It should also be noted that mold, even if it’s not black mold, can still be extremely dangerous to your health and to the health of those occupying the space. Even visitors who are coming and going can feel the effects of aerosol spores released by mold. For health reasons, as well as physical, mold needs to be addressed seriously if found within your home.

Things to Remember About Your Crawl Space

Here are some quick things to note about crawl spaces in basements. Just because most crawl spaces are made in a dirt floor, ventilated type of construction, doesn’t mean that’s the way that a crawl space should be made. Some of these construction techniques are still considered to be up to code, even though they may lead to further damages in the future. Also, fiberglass should never be used as insulation in a crawl space. This material actually holds on to moisture, which would compound the negative effects of moisture damage in your crawl space. Consider Dry Otter Waterproofing and ensure your home stays in great condition with our waterproofing services, get a free estimate today!

Products and Services for Your Crawl Space

There are many different products or services that can be offered by a crawl space repair service, including liners to help keep away moisture and humidity, vent covers to help create better air flow and promote a healthier living environment, and even drainage systems to help further keep areas dry. In regards to crawl space repair in Salisbury, NC, dehumidifiers and pump systems also exist to help keep crawlspaces clean and up to code. These can be helpful tools for those who want a hassle free way to manage the moisture levels in the crawl space of their home. For more information, visit Dry Otter Waterproofing LLC.

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