Dec 30, 2015

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Taking Care Of Recognition Awards Washington DC

When someone receives Recognition Awards Washington DC, they will want to take the time in caring for them properly so they look their best for years to come. One type of award given regularly is one made from bronze. Whether a trophy or a plaque, bronze needs special care so it does not become prematurely tarnished. Caring for and showcasing a bronze award can be done using the following steps.

A bronze trophy or plaque should be housed inside of an enclosed area, such as a china cabinet, glass-front bookcase, or shadow box. This will help keep it free of debris that may be flying in the air in the room. Make sure this enclosure is kept away from heating vents and air conditioning so air does not force its way into cracks, dirtying the award.

The award should be wiped down with a damp piece of cloth regularly to remove any embedded debris from between letters or scrolled portions on the bronze. A bronze polish can be purchased from a local home goods store. This should be applied to the bronze portion of the award every week or two. Rub it gently onto the bronze to keep it looking shiny and new. When bronze is not polished, it can get a green tinge to the metal. This is called patina. It is caused by oxidation when air hits the metal. Polishing will keep this from occurring.

To showcase an award, consider using lighting to draw the eyes into the enclosure. The award can be placed in the center of the enclosure so it will be sure to be seen by people passing by. Other memorabilia can be placed around the award as well, giving spectators a story through visuals. Use a dark colored enclosure to highlight a light colored award or vice versa.

When someone needs more information about caring for Recognition Awards Washington DC, they can contact a service specializing in the construction of bronze trophies and plaques. A company like Award Crafters Inc can offer answers to many questions pertaining to bronze award care. They also offer many award selections as well as accompaniments to showcase these items.

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