Oct 18, 2012

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Taking Access Control Security Systems To The Next Level

Computers have come a long way in the past few decades, and the developments continue coming faster each day. Access to the wireless and server driven world that was nurtured through the free flow of information by the creation of the internet has opened more capabilities and imagined design as engineers discover new ways to help components communicate with each other in new and exciting ways. It has revolutionized every industry, especially the security industry and its production of effective access control security systems.

In the past, one of the greatest challenges that security systems faced was the ability to tie together the equipment and systems into one unified system. Every piece of equipment had to be hard wired into either a relay or a central unit that would monitor the activity of the various sensors used to monitor the perimeter and points of access. This left security systems vulnerable to power failure and circuit cuts. While the power failure issue was resolved with the implementation of back up generators and the use of batteries, solving other issues remained a quandary until the introduction of wireless and cellular technology to smaller components. Access control security systems have greatly benefited from the introduction of this technology, allowing them to operate on a modulated and independent basis.

Cellular and wireless monitoring eliminates the need for wires and creates greater options for the placement and effectiveness of access control security systems. Each piece of equipment communicates with the central system through either a wireless or cellular signal, not much unlike a laptop or a smartphone. In fact, it was the development of smartphone technology that inspired this step forward in security technology. By being able to connect with the internet via a wireless signal, many more options are available for the actual processes each piece of equipment accomplishes. A simple card swipe becomes a hub for logging entrance and exit information, connecting with the central station communicating with new software that can activate cameras and motion detectors, even alerting a manned monitoring station.

Access control security systems contribute to the overall success and productivity of any business as well as protecting its interests and employees. The technology will only increase in effectiveness over time, and will continue to be of benefit to the groups that choose to invest in it. The growth and development of access control equipment and software is gaining speed as the expansion of communication and idea sharing technology increases, and the future promises new and exciting developments.

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