Feb 21, 2013

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Take The Headache Out Of Meeting Room Scheduling

It is safe to say that almost every office needs meeting room scheduling software, whether they know it or not.  A meeting room is one of the most important parts of the building for customer and employee relations, second only to the building façade.  A shabby meeting room gives as bad an impression to visitors as a shabby building outside, grounds, or parking lot.  Most executive understand the importance of a well-appointed meeting room, and take pride in its maintenance.

However, as employees catch the importance of the meeting room, scheduling can become a nightmare.  Some intrepid office managers post meeting room schedules on the door of each room, leaving it to employees to write in their names and adhere to self-service timetables.  Of course, there is always at least one person who erases names, destroys schedules, or refuses to leave the room on time.  This causes other employees to follow suit to keep up.  In addition, scheduling a room is a pain.  If you have to do everything manually, then you spend a lot of time making calls, walking to people’s desks, and visiting the scheduling sheet of the conference room.  Individual scheduling sheets are simply an unworkable solution.

Seeing these types of problems, a company may decide to give the responsibility for meeting room scheduling to a hapless administrative assistant or other employee.  At the very least, it will drive this person crazy, and cause them to lose efficiency on their full time job.  It has also been the reason for many employees to vacate the position.

Taking care of meeting room scheduling through appropriate software is a giant leap forward from doing scheduling manually.  An employee can do all the work from his workstation.  He may start by listing the appropriate meeting rooms and entering the names of the key attendees, and let the software do the hard part: give a list of open slots where all the resources are synchronized.  Then he or she simply makes the choice, hits the button, and everything is taken care of.  The room is marked as unavailable and each attendee is sent an email invitation.  The invitation is closed loop and requires a yea or nay response.  For a yea, the employee’s time is then marked out for the meeting.  In case of a nay, an email is automatically sent to the person who called the meeting to make other arrangements.

To deal with the myriad complications of meeting room scheduling, be sure to investigate scheduling software, visit Rendezvous software to quickly, seamlessly, and accurately plan the room and human resources for your next meeting.

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