Take Advantage of Advanced Teeth Straightening Options like Invisalign

Teeth problems can develop as an individual grows, but the mouth no longer has the room to accommodate larger incoming adult teeth. This can cause mouth and jaw pain, push the teeth into crooked positions, make eating difficult, change the natural bite alignment and cause TMJ clicking and discomfort. In the past, the only real option was to find an orthodontist who could put uncomfortable and very noticeable metal braces on the teeth. These braces were hard to keep clean, and patients had to avoid certain foods. This treatment typically took years with multiple visits for adjustments. Today, there is the option of Invisalign in Downers Grove.

This is a relatively new method of straightening out teeth. These are almost invisible, and the care is much more comfortable. Most patients do not have to wear this treatment device for as long as past braces methods required. This patented system is designed to fit the teeth properly for better end results. The orthodontist uses an advanced 3D computerized program to allow patients to see what their results should look like when the treatment is finished. This removable and comfortable plastic-like dental appliance is perfectly molded to your exact teeth. Many parents are excited to find Invisalign from a Downers Grove friendly and full-service orthodontic practice.

With Invisalign, patients aren’t restricted in what they can eat or drink because this device is removable. The patient simply takes it out while eating and cleaning the teeth afterward. There are no uncomfortable tightening sessions with metal over-sensitive teeth. Even adults are getting this orthodontic treatment to get the smile that they lacked when younger finally. Teens and young adults prefer this treatment to traditional braces. Take advantage of advanced teeth straightening options like Invisalign in the Downers Grove area. Contact Oakbrook Orthodontics.

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