Jul 3, 2017

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Tailor Made Services Help You Plan the Perfect Events and Meetings

Tailor Made Services Help You Plan the Perfect Events and Meetings

Today there are many options available to businesses when it comes to planning meetings, conferences and events. However, don’t even consider using virtual office space or a restaurant with a private room. Book your next business meeting, event, or conference with prestigious hotels in Irvine CA that are near the John Wayne Airport. This gives your associates the opportunity to travel to Irvine and be in close proximity to the hotel where they can stay in luxurious rooms. Business trips do not have to be boring or uncomfortable. In fact, you can make sure your business gets a great reputation for holding great events when you use the affordable services of the Atrium Hotel.

Tailor Made Services Are Superlative

Your next meeting can be different and better when you book a conference room with a great hotel. Whether you are planning a special occasion to commemorate your business, or a meeting with other executives, services that are tailored directly to you are a must. You will be provided with the ultimate atmosphere with all of the amenities you need to hold a successful event. Choose from conference rooms that will perfectly fit your expected attendance count. When you work with the professionals to organize your next event, you can expect easy planning to ensue from the begging to the end.

Different Accommodation Options Include the Following:

  • Executive Boardrooms
  • Private Rooms
  • Ballroom and Poolside Suites
  • Ballrooms
  • Poolside
  • Lounges
  • Large Conference Suites

Have Your Conferences and Business Meetings Catered

No matter what time your meeting or conference is planned, you can also enjoy catering services. No one wants to attend an event, conference, or meeting while they’re hungry. Encourage your guests to stay longer and enjoy the experience more when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner catered. There are many options available including buffet, cocktail, and menu options that are sure to please. Choose from a beverage, breaks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, poolside and the complete meeting menu packages.


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