Nov 19, 2013

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Tail Waggers Pets Organic Pet Food

As a caring pet owner, you don’t want to give your furry friend preservatives, dyes and pesticides. Unfortunately, most of what you can find in a typical local grocery store is just that. While these products might be cheaper to make and seem perfectly fine, they may be causing a host of health problems for your pet.

Dogs, cats and other small animals can experience the same benefits from organic pet food that you do from organic human food. When they are eating a diet that their bodies are designed for and can recognize, they enjoy better overall health, heightened energy and even improved moods. Making this one simple switch can make all the difference.

Tail Waggers is dedicated to carrying the finest organic pet food available toady. We will always be glad to take the time to answer any questions about what food is best for your pet. While natural and organic pet food is always better, one variety might offer a specific formula that better suits your pet’s needs. In addition, we strive to promote holistic care, taking into consideration not only diet, but medical history, age, lifestyle, typical behavior and so much more.

Organic pet food is free of many of the “filler” ingredients that you may have heard referred to as toxic. It’s true that we can’t always say exactly what these elements are capable of, though we know many to be linked to bladder health, weight and energy levels. Avoid the chance of feeding your cat or dog dangerous ingredients, and stick to a natural, organic pet diet.

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