Tacoma Car Accident Lawyers for Accident Victims for Nearly 70 Years

Car accidents are the biggest source of personal injury claims in and around Tacoma. If you were seriously injured in an auto accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you can become overwhelmed physicially, financially and emotionally. The road to recovery will be long and difficult, so you’ll want an honest, aggressive and effective law firm representing you.

How Auto Insurance Companies Operate

Insurance companies make money through premium payments. Those are banked, and then, they invest that money and earn even more money. If you bring a claim against a driver who was at fault for a crash that injured you, that insurer will want to pay out as little as possible to get rid of you quickly. Here are some of their tactics:

  • Obtaining a statement from you and using your own words against you in the future.
  • Blaming your injury on an alleged preexisting injury.
  • Alleging that you couldn’t be hurt to the extent that you claim.
  • Alleging that your medical bills are inflated and unreasonable.
  • Intentionally delaying the processing of your claim to wear you down.

A quality and dedicated car accident lawyer in Tacoma WA isn’t going to allow stalling and unsupported allegations. Don’t believe whatever the opposing insurance company might tell you. It’s only trying to save money at your expense. Contact an established and trusted car accident lawyer Tacoma WA at Briggs & Briggs right away after being injured in any accident to arrange for a free consultation and case review. We’ll be pleased to have you tell us what happened and how it happened, and we’ll answer your questions too. Then, we’ll advise you of all of your legal options.

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