Nov 21, 2018

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Swimming Pools in Tampa: Splash into a Gym

Swimming Pools in Tampa: Splash into a Gym

A swimming pool in Tampa can be a blessing for anyone who suffers from unexplained body aches or those who want better health in general. Doctors cannot stop recommending the benefits of low impact exercise in the pool. Exercising in swimming pools in Tampa is not just fun, but it offers loads of health benefits as well. Here are a few of them:

* If you want to burn off calories fast, jump into the pool. A thirty minute workout in the pool burns approximately 300 calories. It takes burning of about 3500 calories to burn off a pound of fat, so imagine what a workout in the pool, three to four times per week, can do for you.

* Pool workouts also help build cardio endurance. Cold water helps the blood to move through the body faster to warm it up. Combine this with aerobics and what you have is a great cardiovascular workout.

* For those into strength training, a swimming pool is a great form of strength therapy. When people are strength training, they usually take days off in order to let muscles heal and relax. But it turns out that you can exercise in the pool during these off days, accelerating the healing process.

* Exercising in swimming pools in Tampa will save you from a lot of injuries as well. This is due to the fact that water provides a soft environment for exercising. There is no danger of falling and hurting yourself. Plus, since the water provides support to the body, there is less fatigue at the end of each session.

* Exercising in swimming pools relives stress as well. Exercise stimulates the brain which then releases chemicals which make the body feel better. Another factor is the massage and relaxation the body gets due to the constant movement of the water. This also results in less painful muscles after every workout.

* For people who are strong swimmers, a swimming pool workout is great since working out even in the deep end of the pool won’t require additional equipment. Due to the resistance of the water, pool workouts in chest high water are great for weight loss, cardio and strength training.

These were just a few of the benefits of working out in swimming pools in Tampa. Swimming pools aren’t just for the kids to play in. There are countless benefits of working out in a cool or heated swimming pool in any season in Tampa.

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