Oct 31, 2011

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Support Israel in Nation-Building, Contribute to Israeli Charity

A nation slowly coming to terms with its scars as it heals from long-term wounds; A country in which most people are fighting the specters of hunger and poverty. That, in brief, is the situation in most part of Israel today, as it struggles to rebuild itself and move on. Long-term war efforts have had the most direct impact on the life of ordinary families. You can do your bit to make a better future for the people. Your charity can help to secure a better future for the one-third of Israeli children who suffer from hunger and malnutrition, or the 4,500,000-odd Israelis struggling to lift their families above the poverty level.

The needs of the families inhabiting this land are diverse. They range from the most basic everyday items such as food and clothing to more complicated requirements such as economic or social counseling. Some organizations work directly at the ground level, impacting those at the grassroots. Their work helps needy Israelis progress step by step towards self-reliance and a stable future for their children. Providing material resources goes a long way in removing the immediate problem of hunger and frees people to focus on long-term needs.

Many organizations are involving online resources to collect money from different parts of the world. If you plan to donate for Israeli charity and want to see where your money is going, larger organizations will give you regular updates. These will keep you informed on a month-to-month basis about how your money is directly helping to support individual families.

Make sure to know about the past projects of the organization before you support their efforts with your charity. Piece-meal efforts are fine in the short term, but if you wish to genuinely make a deep impact in the lives of needy Israelis, choose an organization that looks at the big picture in helping people become self-reliant. When looking for an organization, consider these factors: Do they have a history of supporting similar projects? How long have they been involved in charitable efforts? Consider these factors in choosing the organization to send money to Israel.

When it comes to supporting a needy family, even a small contribution from you can feed a hungry mouth. If you wish to contribute charity to support Israel, CA residents would suggest opting for a reputed organization that has been involved in Israeli charity efforts for a long while.


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