Jul 16, 2013

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Suicide Prevention Center Houston TX

Suicide is a way out for some people.  There are those who go through traumatic events and can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s important for those who are considering suicide or for those who know someone that is to seek out a suicide prevention center.  Most of the time there are signs that professionals will know how to handle and get those considering suicide the help they need.

Suicide rates are actually highest among the age group of 65 or older.  They are especially high with white men 65 years of age or older.  As we age our health isn’t quite as consistent as it was during our younger years.  Many older adults find this frustrating and their quality of life is unsatisfactory.  This leaves them feeling hopeless, which correlates with the high suicide rate for this age group.  The second leading age group at risk for suicide is college aged students.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death in college aged students with motor vehicle accidents taking the top spot.

Again, there are usually some warning signs for those who are considering suicide.  There are also many misconceptions surrounding suicide.  Some people believe those who say they are planning on committing suicide are just looking for attention.  In most cases this is untrue.  There are those people who do try to manipulate, but if someone is talking about suicide they should always be taken seriously.  Many times this is their way of reaching out for help.  Some people will also make an attempt at suicide and fail.  There’s also a misconception that those who fail at a suicide attempt weren’t really serious about ending their life or they would have done it the first time.  Those who do succeed at suicide usually tried to commit suicide before and were unsuccessful.

There’s also the mistaken belief that someone must be insane to contemplate suicide or succeed at an attempt to take their life.  This isn’t true.  Those who are planning suicide or who follow through aren’t insane, but rather they feel helpless in their current situation.  Ending their life is their way out.  It’s important to have the uncomfortable talk when you find someone is considering suicide.  There are some who believe talking about it will only prompt that person to follow through, but research has shown by actually talking about it with someone who needs help you can prevent suicide.

There are many outlets for suicide prevention in Houston, Texas.  It’s important to seek help for yourself or for someone you think may be considering suicide.  If you are not comfortable with suicide prevention or are worried you won’t say the right things, there are those specifically trained for the exact situations.  Ignoring someone who’s considering suicide can have devastating alternatives.

With regards to prevention and treatment services and finding help for the individual, there is also a spiritual side to the above mentioned problems that is often addressed in the realm of Christian-based counseling.  Many people have found through a renewed faith in the God of the Bible and their acceptance of Christ as their Savior, the overcoming power they need to find relief and freedom in their lives from negative thought patterns that lead to suicide.

Suicide Prevention Center Houston TX – Attending suicide prevention at behavioral hospital of bellaire, Houston can help people to give away suicidal thoughts completely and lead a very new life with happiness.


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