Feb 15, 2018

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Suffering from an Airplane Accident? Find an Attorney in Joliet, IL

Suffering from an Airplane Accident? Find an Attorney in Joliet, IL

Even though air travel is one of the safest options, it doesn’t mean that you will never get hurt while flying. If you think an airplane accident was caused by negligence on the flight crew’s part, then you could be eligible for compensation. Joliet, IL residents may frequently travel for business and/or pleasure, but if you get hurt, you should contact an airplane accident attorney to get a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

Injury Causes

Many Joliet, IL residents aren’t aware of how many ways they could get injured while traveling the skies. Turbulence is one of the primary reasons you could get hurt. About 58 people get hurt because of turbulence each year, according to the FAA, though many people don’t report their injuries. Turbulence can cause the plane and passengers to shake violently, usually for short periods of time. This can cause whiplash and pain in the shoulder/neck days after you get home. You may not even realize that this pain is caused by the flight.

Falling luggage can also cause injuries. Likewise, food/beverage trolleys can hit you while you’re seated or walking around on the plane. Falls and other issues can also happen.

Where The Blame Lies

Of course, it is essential to understand that an airplane accident isn’t automatically the airline’s fault. As long as the pilot takes precautions to avoid turbulence, they can’t always determine when it will happen. However, if they do know about it and don’t change course, they could be at fault. It’s difficult to determine fault for most people, which is why an attorney could be useful.

An airplane accident attorney can help you get your case together and determine if the airline was at fault. Visit Block, Klukas, Manzella, & Shell in Joliet, IL at http://www.blocklaw.com to learn more. Like us on our facebook page.

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