Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Substance abuse in the US is a major concern, at last count it was estimated that over 23 million people at least 12 years old needed substance abuse treatment. The various approaches all are designed to help those addicted to drugs or alcohol detoxify in a safe and orderly environment and provide help and guidance through the recovery process.

Substance abuse treatment in Minnesota varies. When an addict is admitted to a rehab program, therapists will devise a specific plan for the individual. The National Institute on Drug Abuse state that there is no single approach to treatment that is universal, for treatment to be effective it must be tailored to the unique needs of the addict.

How to tell if an individual has a substance abuse problem:

There is more to diagnosing a substance abuse problem that simply the physical manifestations of the addict. Substance abuse therapist use physical as well as behavior criteria to determine if the individual has an addiction, these include:

* Cannot stop using drugs or alcohol
* Cannot meet family and work obligations
* Have withdrawal symptoms if he or she attempts to stop using the substance
* Can tolerate the damaging effects of the substance, and
* Continued use of the substance even when the harmful consequences of continued use are known

Inpatient approach to treatment:

Inpatient treatment focuses the attention of the addict 100 percent on recovery. If the addict does not have a strong home based support system, inpatient treatment increases the chance of a successful recovery dramatically.

Outpatient approach to treatment:

Outpatient substance abuse treatment in Minnesota is helpful, it helps guide the addict through the recovery process. Some addicts have found that inpatient care followed by outpatient treatment helps. As successful treatment often takes a year or more, the combination inpatient/outpatient approach works well.

Substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis is available from Options Family & Behavior Services. In clinic and in home services are available.

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