Sep 2, 2016

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Strong and Cost-Effective: Choosing Epoxy for Your Floor

Strong and Cost-Effective: Choosing Epoxy for Your Floor

If you’re looking for a garage floor coating that basically renders your floor waterproof, pressure proof, spill proof and largely chemical proof, then you’ll be very hard-pressed to figure out something better than a special epoxy flooring solution.

Not all types of epoxy are the same. The components are always the same, but it’s the composition ratio that matters. The ratio affects hardness, resistance, glossiness and more.

How Epoxy is Made

Epoxy is a thermosetting resin made of a resin and a hardener, creating a very tough polymer. Once the two are mixed, a curing process begins that renders the pliable and soft materials completely hard. Epoxy, as an adhesive in its non-setting form, adheres to a large variety of surfaces from glass to plastic, stone and concrete. Typically, epoxy resins are available either as one component or two component products.

One component epoxy is premixed, but still needs a little heat for the curing process to begin. Two component epoxy needs to be mixed before it can be applied, and curing begins at room temperature. This is especially true for epoxy adhesives – or super glue – which is an alternative to welding according to

Then, there’s the difference between an epoxy coating and epoxy-based paints. Epoxy paints aren’t as durable as an epoxy coating, but they’re easier to apply – just grab a paint roller and you’re good to go. Coatings are applied in various forms of thickness, from an eighth of an inch to as much as an entire inch of epoxy.

Long-lasting Quality

If it’s longevity you’re after, what you really need is a professional application of an epoxy coating. Epoxy floors, when applied by reputed teams like those at Dex-o-Tex, will withstand the pressure of anything you can stick in a garage for decades, while leaving you with a palatable, glossy finish.

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