May 15, 2014

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Striketwice is the Answer for All of Your Virus Removal Needs

The internet can provide a wealth of useful information through online references, as well as hours of entertainment from music and video streaming services. It can even be a source of income with online work. It is always important to practice safe browsing habits, because even though the internet is an excellent resource, there is a great amount of viruses and malware out there on the web that can harm your computer and steal sensitive personal information. However, no matter how careful you are it is always possible to pick up malware by accidentally clicking the wrong link or unintentionally downloading it instead of legitimate software.

Fortunately there is a company that has all the tools you need for Virus Removal in Minneapolis MN. is a computer service and repair company with over 25 years of experience in computer repair, upgrades, network management and virus removal. Striketwice has a powerful array of virus and malware removal tools at their disposal, and can help to fix computer problems such as slowness or freezing, slow or intermittent network connection, annoying pop-ups and advertisements, browser hijacking, and programs that lock up.

Striketwice has the capability to repair multiple types of viruses and malware. Some examples are spyware, which installs itself along with another program without the user’s knowledge, root kits, which can run undesired processes in the background such as sending emails or stealing personal information, and scareware, which is a type of false virus protection software that constantly warns the user that their computer is infested with other malware in an attempt to extort a payment.

Striketwice provides a 30-day warranty on all Virus Removal in Minneapolis MN. They provide you with a free antivirus program that can combat multiple types of viruses and malware, and they also have 10 different removal tools that are optimized to fight specific types of malware like root kits and spyware. Striketwice has same-day virus removal service available, and the technician will make sure to explain the problem and the procedure very carefully before any work is performed on your machine. For one of the most comprehensive virus and malware removal services available, be sure to choose Striketwice computer repair.



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