Mar 15, 2013

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Storms Batter Vegas Causing Flooding and Damage to Homes

In September 2012, thunderstorms hit the Las Vegas area, with two mobile home parks flooded and dirty brown rainwater reaching windowsill level in the downtown area. School buses and cars struggled to make their way through the flooded streets and many homes suffered water and storm damage.

There are a number of ways you can protect your home from damage by flooding and storms, but if the worst happens then you may need the services of a repair and restoration company. Follow these simple steps to ensure your home has the best chances of surviving any storm.

Be Nosy

Look everywhere in your home and investigate cracks to walls, ceilings and possible areas where leaks could occur. The main areas you need to check are:
1. Roof
2. Windows and doors
3. Exterior walls and foundation
4. Attics
5. Plumbing
6. Basements

Maintain your Roof

Your roof is one of the first places where damage can occur during a storm, causing water to leak into your home and damage ceilings – in extreme cases ceilings can even collapse, causing injury to those in the home and even death! Preventing water damage in Clark County begins by looking at the health of your roof. Check shingles and replace or repair any which look damaged, checking around vents to make sure no water is leaking into your home. If in doubt, hire a specialist contractor who will be able to give your roof a health check before winter or the rainy season.

Doors and Windows

Water can often leak in around poorly fitted or old seals – if you notice peeling paint around a door or window, this is often a sign of a leak. Leaking is most common in the corners, and you may notice discoloration, mold or swelling of the door or window frame or surrounding décor. Ensuring that your doors and windows don’t leak will help to prevent potentially expensive water damage to your home during stormy weather.

Check your Attic and Basement

If your attic has inadequate insulation and suffers from air leaks, this could cause ice damming, where ice gathers around the lower edge of your roof causing rain and snow to back up under the shingles and into your house. Always ensure that your home has adequate insulation to protect against this and keep your house warm and cozy. Check the insides of roof rafters as you may spot water stains if ice damming is occurring in your home.


It doesn’t have to be storms that cause flooding and water damage in your home; faulty plumbing and appliances are a key cause too! Check pipes, leaking faucets and washing machine hoses for cracks or bulges, replacing them regularly and always call a qualified plumber if in doubt. Look out for water gathering underneath heaters as this could be the first sign of a problem.

It’s easy to take some steps to protect your home in the event of Water Damage in Clark County, but if the worst happens, call a reliable repair and restoration company to help tackle any damage caused.
Ultimate Choice Restoration are a professional company who have been providing services to the Las Vegas Valley area since 1994. Fully licensed and insured, they offer services to those whose homes or workplaces have been damaged by fire or water and can also offer mold removal and other repairs. If you have been a victim of fire or Water Damage Clark County, they can help you.

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