Jun 15, 2015

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Stop Neglecting Maintenance on Your HVAC System

Stop Neglecting Maintenance on Your HVAC System

When it comes to maintaining your home, most likely you think of tasks such as mowing your lawn, blowing out your sprinklers in the fall, and cleaning your carpets. One aspect of home maintenance that often gets overlooked is your heating and cooling system. No other part of your home has more of an affect on how you live, whether it be your health through the quality of the air you breathe, your finances through your energy costs, or your comfort as you cool and warm yourself. Even though these systems are so important, many people do not realize that they require periodic maintenance to function correctly. You may need to consider looking for the HVAC contractors in Atlanta to find a company that can clean your ducts, service your furnace, and maintain your air conditioner.

One of the most overlooked components of your HVAC system is the series of ducts that directs hot or cold air throughout your house. Two main problems that can occur are dirty or clogged ducts, and air leaks. Cleaning your ducts regularly will improve the air quality and save you money by allowing air to move unhindered. Along with dirt interfering with your airflow, small holes in joints or corners can lead to a loss of efficiency. These problems can be addressed if you contact several HVAC contractors in Atlanta and find one that understands your home.

Along with the ducts, your furnace also needs periodic attention. Make sure that you have a heating professional lubricate any moving parts including pumps and fans. Also, have that person test and adjust your thermostat to make sure your furnace runs only when you need it to. Consider asking about automatic thermostats to further increase your energy savings. Last, ask your technician to check the exhaust on your furnace to make sure any harmful gasses are vented out of your house correctly rather than collecting around the unit.

Air conditioners are another component of your HVAC system that should be maintained. Each spring, you should have someone check the refrigerant to make sure your machine can cool the air correctly. Also, the condenser coils tend to get dirty and should be cleaned twice a year. This will help the unit run efficiently and will save electricity. You should also make sure the HVAC professional adjusts the blower system so that you receive the right amount of cold air for your house. Take your time examining HVAC contractors in Atlanta to find a business that will be able to perform all of these maintenance procedures for you. Browse website for more information.

HVAC contractors in Atlanta help keep homes clean and comfortable. If you have not been maintaining your ducts, furnace, and air conditioner it is time to consider HVAC contractors in Atlanta so that you can have more peace of mind about your health, budget, and comfort. Get in touch with R.S. Andrews Atlanta for more information.

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