Mar 4, 2015

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Stone Craftsmen: Offering Everything From Restoration to Pet Monument,s in CT

The stone craftsmen who specialize in creating cemetery memorials are a unique group of professionals. Experts like Shelley Brothers Monuments combine compassion and sensitivity with age-old skills and modern precision systems. As a result, they have the tools and experience to provide everything from grave restorations to Pet Monuments in CT.

Craftsmen Offer Custom Results

The finest monument specialists work with such a wide variety of stone and lettering that they can create virtually any result clients want. Professionals listen to customers and have the experience to make suggestions that will create the desired effects. Craftsmen often work with stone in colors such as rose, black, mahogany, pink, gray, and black. They offer a broad range of lettering sizes and types. They can create unique contours in a variety of materials and can re-create ideas that clients have seen and would like duplicated. Click here for more details.

Professionals Guide Client Choices

Many cemeteries have rules about the sizes and types of stones that they allow. However, experienced monument craftsmen are familiar with local cemeteries and can guide customers. As a result, they can help them choose the ideal markers, headstones, or monuments. Experts help clients choose the best materials, sizes, styles, and symbols for their monuments. They can accommodate everything from the most ornate headstones to moving Pet Monuments in CT. They also help clients pre-select memorials for family plots.

Experts Can Restore Graves

Stone craftsmen can restore older grave markers, to make them more readable and recreate their original appearance. They offer fast, on-site service and will match any fonts, colors, and sizes. Experts can work with wood, brick, granite, and other materials. They repair damaged headstones and repaint monuments. They also offer on-site lettering for pre-selected monuments that clients already have in place. They will add any requested symbols, dates, and updated information.

The stone craftsmen who design cemetery memorials offer compassionate guidance to clients and can accommodate almost any design they choose. These experts work with a wide variety of stones and can create custom markers, headstones, monuments, and more. They also restore older gravestones and can add symbols, lettering, and dates to pre-selected memorials. domain URL for more details.

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