May 18, 2015

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Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Air Conditioning in Franklin TN

The best way to keep your home cool throughout the summer and ensure your air conditioning system works well up to its maximum life span is to maintain it. There are some simple things you can do own your own that don’t require any specialized skills or technical knowledge. One of the easiest tasks and the one that can have the greatest impact on your system’s performance is changing your filter every month. The filter in your air conditioner collects dust and prevents it from being blown back into your home. It also keeps the duct from collection on the internal parts of your air conditioner. Your Air Conditioning in Franklin TN will run more efficiently if you do your best to make sure the filter is clean.

You can also reduce the likelihood of your air conditioner needing emergency service by keeping the area around the condenser clean. Be sure to quickly clean up leaves and tree branches after a storm. If you have grass near your condenser, be sure to sweep the area soon after you mow your lawn. These things can get inside your outdoor unit and prevent the coils from working properly. The coils for your Air Conditioning in Franklin TN need to be clean in order to absorb heat and keep your house cool. If they get too dirty, you’ll have to call a technician to clean out your unit.

As a qualified contractor will tell you, it is also important to protect your air conditioner in the winter months. It can be easy to forget about it while it’s colder outside. However, by simply covering your condenser to protect it from the chilly winter temperatures, your technician will have less work to do when they come to service your air conditioner in the spring. You can find more tips and advice on keeping your equipment working throughout the season if you Click here and visit . By taking these simple steps, you can save money on service as well as extend the life of your air conditioner. A well maintained unit will also run more efficiently, which will enable you to save on your monthly energy costs.

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