Oct 25, 2013

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Steps To Take Before You Can Get Emergency Dental Care In Chicago, IL

When you have a dental emergency, it’s imperative that you see a dentist as soon as possible. The professionals at Family Dentist can see you quickly for Emergency Dental Care in Chicago, IL and you can walk into the office without having an appointment. Read the tips below to find out what steps you should take when you have a dental emergency.

1. If you have a toothache, place a cold cloth on the outside of your mouth where you are experiencing the pain. You can also place ice cubes in a zip top baggie and wrap a cloth around the bag. This should help to alleviate the pain until you can see the dentist.

2. If your tooth has been knocked out, wash the tooth off and place it in a small container of milk or water. It’s important that you keep the root of the tooth wet until you can get to the dentist office. If possible, without causing pain, you can try to place the tooth back into the socket. If you can get to the dentist within the hour, your tooth will most likely be saved. For a chipped tooth, collect any pieces of the tooth and take them with you to the dental clinic. If you are bleeding, place gauze or a cloth in your mouth to stop the bleeding.

3. An abscess is an infection that settles in the root of a tooth or between two teeth. If you have an abscess, you should seek Emergency Dental Care in Chicago IL as quickly as you can. An infection can spread to other areas in your body and cause serious health issues. An abscess will cause horrific pain and you will probably be able to feel a small pus filled bump on your gums. For some relief before you make it to the dentist, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every few hours.

When you arrive at the Family Dentist office with a dental emergency, tell the receptionist that you have an emergency so the dentist can see you right away. In addition to dental emergencies, this dental clinic offers many other services including cleanings, veneers, implants, crowns, braces and teeth whitening.


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