Steps In Preparing Concrete For Epoxy Floor Coatings In Baltimore

One of the most important benefits of choosing professional installers for a Baltimore garage flooring project is the expertise of these trained professionals. With years of experience in installing an epoxy floor on old concrete as well as in new garages, they have the knowledge and the equipment to efficiently complete the surface prep.

Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself epoxy floor projects do not use this level of care when preparing the floor. This results in poor or ineffective bonding of the epoxy to the surface, allowing the coating to bubble, lift and peel, often in a short time after application.

With professional installation and the use of commercial grade epoxy, these companies can provide a lifetime guarantee on the flooring. This means it will not lift, peel or flake, even with heavy traffic and daily use.

The Steps

New concrete must be fully cured before an epoxy can be applied to the surface. Even with new concrete the surface still has to be completely prepped to allow for the correct adhesion and bonding.

With old and new concrete, any cracks, chips or significant surface damage is repaired by the installers. Then, professional grade grinding machines are used to remove surface irregularities, dirt, stains and any chemicals or materials from the floor.

After this, the floor is completely cleaned to remove all surface dust. This is critical when applying epoxy flooring as dust can limit surface adhesion and create areas that may lift and peel.

Next, the surface of the concrete is primed. This is an extra step with commercial grade epoxy floor coating. The primer creates the bond with the concrete, then the base coat bonds with the primer. Next, a layer of decorative chips and a final texture and sealing coat is applied for a durable, lifetime floor for any Baltimore garage.

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