Nov 21, 2013

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Steps in Handling Repairs to Water Heaters Santa Barbara

When the water heater in a home stops working, it can cause a variety of issues for the homeowner. Most members of the household use hot water on a daily basis, so fixing it will often become a priority that the homeowner will need to handle quickly. In most cases, the best choice can be calling a company that handles repairs to Water Heaters Santa Barbara for assistance with the issue.

One of the first things that a technician will want to do is to check that the various systems that the water heater uses to work are in working order and the connections are secure. This can include the water, electricity and/or gas. They will then check the heating elements on the system to make sure they are not faulty. This can include the heating element on an electrical unit and the pilot control valve on a gas unit. If either of these systems have faulty components, they can generally be replaced and the unit will begin to function again.

If the water heaters Santa Barbara repair person does not find these parts faulty, the next step they will generally take is to check the condition of the water as it drains from the drain valve located at the bottom of the unit. Many times a water heater can begin to accumulate sediment of mineral deposits, grit and sand in the tank. When this occurs, the water cannot be heated properly and the tank will need to be flushed to remove the sediment.

A plumber who handles repairs to water heaters in Santa Barbara can take care of this issue. They will generally let the tank drain before they turn the water back on and use the force of the water to push the sediment out through the drain valve. This can require a bit of time, as the water will need to keep flowing through the unit until it runs clear. Once this is accomplished, the tank should be able to heat water again.

If flushing the tank is unsuccessful, then a professional from Jerrys Plumbing will generally recommend that the water heater be replaced. Most water heaters do not last much more than ten years and if the unit is near this age or past it, further repairs are generally not wise. Buying a new system is generally a better choice for the homeowner.

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