Staying Safe When Looking for Love Online in the Big Apple

Whether you’ve just moved to New York City or have been there for a while, you might be curious about how to handle the dating scene with confidence. Online dating services in New York City are a great alternative to other methods, such as being set up by a mutual friend, or even speed dating. However, there are several things to keep in mind as you search for someone special online.

Don’t Be Too Specific About Where You Live

Well-meaning friends may have encouraged you to fill out your dating profile as thoroughly as possible, and in fact, the dating site you use could have a system in place that prevents daters from being too tight lipped about themselves. However, always exercise caution when describing identifying characteristics about where you live. For example, mentioning which general area of New York City you reside is probably fine, but you may not want to reveal that you live in a particular housing complex.

Take New Photos That You Use Only for Online Dating

In the interest of keeping things simple and getting their accounts active as quickly as possible, many people who use online dating services in New York City upload photos of themselves that they’ve already used elsewhere on the internet, such as on social media profiles. However, you’ll likely enjoy more privacy by taking a separate set of pictures that you use for online dating and nothing else.

If you have any doubts, search for an old or widely used photo of yourself through Google Images and wait to see what kind of associated personal information comes up. Because nothing on the Internet is ever private once it’s uploaded or otherwise shared, using a fresh set of pictures will reduce the chances people will be able to take nothing more than a profile picture and find out more about you than you ever imagined.

Communicate Frequently Before Meeting

If all goes well and your dating efforts transition from online flirting to a potential in-person meeting, take care not to rush things. Talk often, whether by phone or through the internet, before planning face-to-face time.

If you feel uneasy at any stage, listen to your gut and think twice before agreeing to meet. Remember, your safety is more important than the other person’s pride. It’s always best to err on the side of caution if you have serious doubts.

Hopefully these tips will help you feel more at ease and most importantly, safe, while checking out online dating services in New York City.  Then, you should feel more equipped to pursue romance.

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