Aug 1, 2013

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Stay Organized with a Property Manager

Whether you had to move away before your property was sold, inherited property, or bought property as an investment, the rental market can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are new to the business.  By partnering with a property manager, you can stay organized, learn more about the market, and see a positive return on your investment.  The same way you hire a professional to manage and help with other aspects of your life, hiring a property manager Spokane professional to oversee this important investment simply makes good business and economic sense.  Although there is an upfront expense, it quickly pays for itself over the course of your contract.

Finding Someone You Trust
Like all good relationships, the relationship between property owner and property manager must be built upon trust and mutual respect.  The terms of the contract should be very clear and concise, with no surprises for either party.  Whenever an issue does arise, whether it is concerning maintenance, late rent payments, or new leases, communication is key.  The owner should clearly outline what kind of information they would like to know and what kind of decisions they would like to be involved in.  The property management company can perform a litany of tasks for the owner, like collecting late rent, coordinating repairs, and performing routine inspections.

Get Higher Returns on Your Investment
When you have someone on hand to regularly check on the property, you are more likely to catch minor maintenance issues before they become major maintenance issues.  Managers often have close partnerships with roofers, electricians, plumbers, and other reputable craftsmen who will do high quality work at a fair price.  Managers can also fill vacancies very quickly with quality tenants through the use of targeted advertising and selective screening, which means less money coming out of and more money going into your bank account.

If you have property in the rental marketplace, you may want to consider hiring Real Property Management to take care of the details.

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