Feb 6, 2015

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Stay Healthy with the Right Dental Care Services in Viera

Florida residents have learned that Dental Care Services in Viera play an important role in maintaining their overall health. Bacteria that begin in the mouth can easily travel to other parts of the body. Medical researchers have confirmed that the bacteria that cause gum disease also cause heart disease. Dentists and dental hygienists identify more oral cancers than any other medical professionals. When a person has a dental check-up every six months, there is a good chance that this serious disease will be diagnosed early.

As people age, their immune system gets weaker. That’s why older people are more at risk for gum disease. This is the major reason why they lose their teeth. When the dentist catches gum disease early, she can treat it with a thorough deep cleaning and antibiotics. New treatment methods allow the dentist to insert antibiotics directly into pockets between the teeth and gum. It’s important for older patients to eat properly to maintain their health. When their teeth are strong and healthy, they are able to chew healthy fruits and vegetables more easily.

If a person does lose all of their teeth, Dental Care Services in Viera can replace them with dentures. People may fear that the dentures will slip and fall out when they try to eat or speak. Today’s dentures fit much better and they are more comfortable. Often they are held in place with dental implants. Implants are inserted at several places in the jaw. In addition to anchoring dentures, implants also help keep the jaw strong and healthy. Small metal balls are placed on top of the dentures. They are smooth and very comfortable. The location of the metal balls matches the location of small slots on the bottom of the dentures. In the morning, the denture wearer takes their clean dentures and snaps them into place on the metal balls. The metal balls and implants hold the dentures snugly in place for the remainder of the day.

Patients should feel comfortable discussing their dental health and problems with their dentist. Regular checkups are the perfect chance for the patient to bring up any concerns that they may have.

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