May 20, 2015

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Statement Processing: Integral And Important For Your Business

Statement Processing: Integral And Important For Your Business

Running a business consists of many facets. It is not only about selling products and/or services. It is also about making sure people receive their statements in a timely fashion. In order to ensure people are not sent the wrong bill statements or that statement processing gets lost in the mountain of actual or virtual paperwork, it is important to consider the alternatives.

Statement Processing

Statement processing is closely associated with billing. It is the handling and preparation of an item that may be a summary of the current state of your account with the company. The statement may also be a billing statement. Whatever it is, it is a representative of what your company is and what it stands for.

Characteristics of Statement Processing

When a statement is sent from your company, it needs to accomplish its purpose. However, it should be designed in a fashion that communicates its purpose to the recipient. This is the job of statement processing services.  They must ensure that any statement – a bill or updated account information is characterized by:

1. Clarity: The statement must clearly state its purpose. It must provide the information on the sender as well as how to reply.

2. Conciseness: The result of statement processing should be concise. The information provided must not ramble but state specifically what is required, if any, from the recipient

3. Correct: A good statement processing service will ensure all the information from the date sent to the billing or informational data is correct

4. Recipient friendly: It does not matter who the statement is from. In all instances, it must be user friendly. Whoever receives it must be able to easily access the information. This is valid whether the recipient receives the information ion paper or electronic form; in the mail or via an email account.

Statement Processing Services: Options

When it comes time to choosing appropriate statement processing services, a company has several choices. They consist of:

1. Setting up an in-house or internal department – not always feasible for small companies that lack a budget and/or facilities to do so

2. Purchasing software to accomplish the job

3. Outsourcing

Of the options, depending upon your budget, facilities and staff capabilities, many companies prefer the final one. Outsourcing is perceived as a means of providing expert statement processing services. This allows the company to relax and let the stress of this function be taken over and handled by professionals.

Statement processing companies are, for the most part, better able to handle all aspects of this particular aspect of operating a business. Companies and businesses of all types can rely on statement processing companies because they have:

1. The technology

2. The expertise

3. The reliability

4. The time

5. The protective measures in place

In fact, the best statement processing companies have everything a large or small company or industry requires to make sure the needs of both the company and the client are met successfully.

When it comes to providing superior service and quality products, you can always rely on Southwest Direct. Operating since 1988, we have always had the best interests of our clients in mind. From Statement Processing to insurance lead generation to utility bill solutions, we are ready to provide you and your business with the skilled staff and technology necessary to help meet your promotional and support goals.  To discover more about who we are and what we can do for you, visit us online at

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