Nov 26, 2013

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State-Of-The-Art Access Points

Modern properties today embrace automatic doors in Edinburgh as sleek, state-of-the art access points. They add class to your property and display ambition, style and a modern approach. They can be custom made to compliment your existing architectural designs or custom made to suit new developments or customer needs. They come in an array of designs, styles and different operating systems.

Automated doors can be fitted into various environments. The majority of automatic closers and openers are tailor made to meet the particular requirements of a client. They can also be installed to pre-existing properties requiring bespoke solutions or incorporated into a brand new build. Apart from providing a visually appealing appearance, safety and security, they also provide entry points which are easy to access for wheelchair users and people with mobility challenges.

Auto openers serve many practical uses. Some are linked to fire doors; when it breaks out, the self closing mechanism automatically swings into action, shutting the doors after personnel vacate the property. They can also be used to control the access of undesirable elements or unapproved personnel into sensitive parts of the building. This is achieved through the use of swipe cards or entry fobs which are programmed to grant access to pre-approved personnel. Once the card/ fob are swiped, the auto opener kicks into action, releasing the door lock.

Popular Types
There are four popular types of automatic doors as illustrated below.
Sliding doors: Are the most common type and classic of them all. They are perfect for areas with lateral space. They are very safe because they slide away from human traffic. They operate in an elegant and neat manner.
Swing doors: the linkage and drive box are visible externally; they can be linked to preexisting structures effortlessly. Ideal for shopping malls, hotels, etc.
Revolving doors: Are a vital feature of prestigious premises reflecting the aristocratic nature of the business and discreet architecture.
Folding doors: Are an example of a space saver. They are installed in areas where space is at a premium and unsuitable for revolving, swing or sliding doors.

There are many advantages to installing automated doors. Ease and convenience are two; security and safety are two more. Even existing doors in can be automated; it doesn’t matter who installed them. Visit website for more details.


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